• Cartridges

    iHOD energypod runs on proprietary dry-powder HyperFuel, which is supplied in handy cartridges. Simply pop one HyperFuel Cartridge into the iHOD energypod canister and it’s ready when needed. Add water (or virtually any liquid) and HyperFuel generates low-pressure hydrogen, which iHOD energypod’s unique design uses to generate clean, emissions-free electricity. When the HyperFuel is gone, simply add another Cartridge and keep the power flowing.
  • energypod
    iHOD energypod is emissions-free, virtually silent, completely safe indoors, and perfect for apartments, condos and home office use. You’ll never be disconnected again because the power is out. iHOD energypod delivers simple, safe, reliable power anywhere, anytime. And all you do is add water. No dangerous fuels, vapors or exhaust. Just clean safe power instantly, to keep vital devices powered up, keep families safe and keep business running.