Reliable power
anywhere, anytime.

Never be disconnected again because the power is out with the iHOD energypod. Emissions-free and virtually silent, the energypod is completely safe indoors, and perfect for apartments, condos and home office use. And all you do is add water and a fuel cartridge. No dangerous fuels, vapors or exhaust. Just clean power instantly, to keep vital devices powered up, keep families happy and keep business running.


The Science

There are lots of ways to make electricity. But doing it whether or not the sun shines or the wind blows, without fossil fuels, CO2 emissions or dangerous byproducts is a whole different story. And it starts with the iHOD energypod and the production of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is interesting stuff. Because if you’re really smart (which iHOD is), you can use it to make electricity. iHOD energypod does it with a low-temperature, low-pressure chemical reaction that occurs when an iHOD fuel cartridge is hydrated with water (or virtually any available liquid) to produce hydrogen. It all happens inside the iHOD energypod.

The hydrogen is then fed through a mini-generator inside the energypod, which converts the hydrogen protons into usable electric current to power the USB and 110AC outlets. This all happens instantly, safely, silently and without harmful greenhouse gas emissions… just a little water vapor and gentle warm air.

Why Hydrogen?
Cleaner. Safer. Quieter. Greener. That’s why hydrogen is at the heart of iHOD.

For decades, scientists and engineers around the world have been leveraging the advantages of hydrogen to produce electricity in various ways. After all, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and, better yet, when treated correctly, it releases energy which we can convert into safe, usable power.

Fossil fuel generators are great, but heavy complicated and expensive… just not suitable for the kind of portability and re-useability that iHOD represents. So we invented another way to get at hydrogen’s energy; a genuinely amazing way.

No heavy, noisy, smelly traditional generator can do what iHOD energypod does with hydrogen. No flames, no fumes, no CO2 emissions, no odor. Instant, safe, silent electricity. And it works whether the sun shines or not. Pretty cool.

Hydrogen could become the fuel of choice for automotive, home power, and other areas where fossil fuels are traditionally consumed. Until that happens you can be at the forefront of the hydrogen technology and lead the way from fossil based fuels with the iHOD range of products.