Our Vision

At the heart of iHOD is a vision: to bring simple, emission free, quiet power – and the freedom and prosperity that go with it – to remote locations worldwide. To light homes and villages, to charge mobile communications, to enable and empower ordinary people. Independent Hydrogen On Demand (iHOD) is the game-changing technology perfectly suited to the challenge, and it’s at the core of every iHOD product.

iHOD 360
The iHOD 360 initiative: A cycle of innovation, use and re-use, all driven by a revolutionary emissions-free, fossil-free-fuel alternative to traditional energy sources, and a common-sense vision to share it cost-effectively.

Our iHOD 360 Initiative will pay for pre-owned “pods” to be returned to the Company for minor refurbishment before being sent to emerging markets, supported by world-wide humanitarian organizations. The intention is for eligible non-profits, charities and developing countries to distribute the pods, and to make a real difference in helping people who otherwise will have little opportunity to connect to the developed world.

Refurbished energypods will be an approved product, tested and certified to ensure they are in safe, fully functioning condition. The unique iHOD energypod box has been designed for multiple use: as attractive first-use packaging, shipping container, storage by the customer and, finally, return for refurbishment. So, please keep the iHOD white hexagonal box ready for a 360!

iHOD 360 process

iHOD energypod isn’t simply a product…it’s a story.

It began 5 years ago, when British industrial chemist, inventor and now-CEO of iHOD Mark Collins recognized, in the promise of alternative energy generation via hydrogen creation, a game-changing prospect. Given his deep knowledge of the science and the resources to make that exploration a reality, he set out to invent a whole new paradigm for hydrogen as the fuel source of the future.

And within that invention lay something more: a solution for the estimated 2.7 billion people globally who have little or no access to electricity or the progress it can bring. Convinced that this one idea might be leveraged to make a real difference in the world, the revolutionary iHOD energypod was born.

It has been a journey filled with years of experimentation and engineering, team-building and business-building, to deliver iHOD’s never-before-seen, environmentally friendly technology to you, and the promise of empowerment to people around the globe.